The Art of the Bank Shot.

Alright guys, sorry this'll be a pretty quick post but it'll definitely be a very helpful one if you want to improve your game. Many players focus only on "cashing" shots, or rather having them go straight in the net and they forget how useful a fundamental bankshot can be. Generally bank shots have less arc and go straight off the backboard into the net rather then it having time to float in the air. Bank shots are extremely quick and efficient and I think you guys should definitely check out this video.

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Pavel Datsyuk - Justin Penner

Pavel Datsyuk is one of the best players in the NHL, not to mention he has the best skill in the league. I know this blog is based on me, and my improvements, but this blog with show you my inspiration, and why. Make the videos full screen, and enjoy :) Also Comment what you think of him, and you're inspiration for what you do !

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Basketball (Ball Handling Specific) -Riley

Hey guys, I know it's been so long since I've blogged, god it feels weird. haha. Anyways, thought I'd get up one quick blog before the weekend because Justin and I are going to the cabin so we won't be able to blog until Monday but we'll definitely both blog that day. Make sure to check out both posts cause there will be some interesting stuff. Anyways, today I decided to focus specifically on ball handling and how to progress and get better. Being more comfortable with the ball and all. First of all, there is a program I would DEFINITELY love to recommend if anyone is interested. It does cost a bit of $$ though so beware :).

Alright so this guy is Micah Lancaster and he's a professional basketball trainer who works side by side with a guy named Ganon Baker who in my opinion is one of the most versatile basketball players ever, just watch the goddamn videos.. Anyways, this guy has some amazing handles and tips on how to get better overall as a player. If you're serious about your game you should definitely check out his videos, they're great. The link to their website with the program is in that video as well.

ALRIGHT, now lets get down to it, what makes a great dribbler:

First of all, have you ever noticed how all those small guys usually have insane handles, the reason for that is because they are low to the ground which is KEY. You want to be low to the ground when you're dribbling it gives the ball less time to hit the ground and more time for control. Less time for defenders to react. This is probably one of the most important tips when it comes to ball handling. Remember, PRACTICE IS PERFECT. The more you practice your dribbling the better and more natural it will get. Another key when dribbling is that it IS okay to start dribbling with your head down, but you have to have the mentality of progressing and moving to keeping your head up at all times. It gives you room to give head fakes or whatever it takes to beat your defender off the dribble.

I don't really have time at the moment to go into specific drills as I'm leaving in <5 minutes, so I thought I would just link you to this guy's youtube channel it's great and he has some free drills for ball handling CHECK IT OUT:

One last thing, Justin and I will not be blogging again until Monday because we're both going to the cabin (as previously stated) but I promise that Monday we'll have some exciting stuff for you guys. Thanks for being so loyal and have a great weekend everyone :)

Hockey - Justin

It's definitely been awhile, Im really sorry guys ! Anyways. I have been strait hockey training at a facility called NRG for the past month and a bit. (Old blog explains what NRG is) 6 Days a week ! 9 in the morning, but I have to wake up at 8 and bike or jog 5km too get there every morning. I started NRG June 15'th, I was 170 pounds, 14 percent body fat, and 5'9. For the past month and a bit I've been training like crazy. Im already 5'10, 11 percent body fat, and 180 pounds. That was my goal, and I still have another month of this training ! I've also been hitting the ice a lot, my skills are getting better, but the I will be hitting the ice really hard, near the end of augest. My goal is to my AAA Hawks, the second best AAA team in western Canada ! Im training like crazy, and hopefully I complete my goal and make the team.

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Heey everyone, sorry for not posting in the longest time but Justin and I were extremely busy with exams, and we travelled to Mexico for the first month of summer vacation. We're back now though, we just got back on Friday and we decided we're going to reopen our blog. For being gone for so long we're going to do our best to try and blog at least once per day. We'll probably end up alternating days but you never know :P.  But yeah, just posting this blog to let you guys know that we're coming back with more posts, and better tips/drills to improve your game.

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