My name is Justin Penner, as you already know. I was asking people's opinion on supplements. I will put a list of supplements, and vitamins I take. I was wondering if you could put your input on what supplements I should take, and which ones benefit you, and how. I am also considering taking creatine, please put your advice/input in the comments below.

I take Iso Flex Protein before a workout, then during I have 2 scoops of Extend, which is pure amino acids, and then when I am done I take another shake of Iso Flex. Please give me advice, and proper vitamins to take, and things like that, very appreciated.

Today and yesterday's games.

Frick, so here I am practicing to gain my confidence back and for what.. Yesterday I had a game, and I played pretty good, I was consistent and I wasn't scared to shoot. I had 23 points. Today I had a game, and I was passing up every fricken shot, I was scared but I don't know why.... It's dumb.

Anyways, starting to get back into the weightroom for basketball, so I don't want to lift too heavy. Keep in mind I'm 6 feet and only 150 pounds so I'm pretty skinny.
Going to try and do a lot of leg workouts, moslty squats, deaflifts, calf raises etc. And hopefully bulk up my arms a bit. Planning to buy pure amino acids soon.. :S, also need to get some protein. Although I'm fairly tall here in Canada for my age, I have super short arms. Like a lot of my friends who are 5 foot 8, etc have only 2 inches less of a reach then me which is retarded. I'm 6 feet and my reach is only 7'7"..... I guess my vertical is pretty good seeing as how I can get my whole hand over and part of my wrist. From the tip of my finger to my wrist is about 7 inches. So, 7'7" to a 10 foot rim in order to touch would be 2 feet and 5" of vertical or 29 inches, but I can get about 7-9 inches over consistently, so I'd put my vertical at about 36-39 inches. Which is pretty good, but I really need to get higher to compensate for how small my hands are. Anyways, I'll keep you guys updated with my progress and Justin should be writing a blog soon. Thanks for reading guys, I'll hopefully get back to you tomorrow or the following day.


Lifting Wieghts

As you probably know from my previous blogs, Im 170, Just turned 15 years old, and about 5'10. These are Just some wieghts I lift, for my size is this bad, good. Feed back please :)

Bench Press
140 - 15 times

Leg Press
360 - 6 times

Bicept Curls
45 - 8 times

250 -12 times

Quick Blog: Basketball

Alright guys, I have to make this fairly quick since I'm on a tight schedule but basically I'm trying to get my confidence back and so I've been practicing hard as of late. Today I decided to try and improve my jumpshot, took 250 shots from 10 different spots around the court, took 3 and a half hours. Followed by 30 pullups from the same spot. Did some two ball dribbling drills just trying to get quicker hands, sorry for such a short blog guys. But yea. Hoping to gain my confidence back soon :S. Thanks for following guys, it really gives me motivation to blog and to improve.


10 Reasons Why Hockey Is Better than Baseball.

Like Riley, I am deciding to post a blog apart from myself, and directing it to hockey and baseball in general. Here are 10 of my own reasons why hockey is better than basketball.

1. Hockey is more exciting:
 I think it's a burden in itself to watch an inning of baseball, let alone a full game. You're glued to the screen when you watch hockey because the game is on a constant pace, there's always something going on, and the players are always moving. It's a huge thing whenever someone scores, a huge save or hit is made, when a fight breaks out...I can go on for hours. Sure there's the occasional catch ESPN puts on Sports Center's top 10, but when you really look at those plays, has anyone realized it's the same stuff done differently?

2. Hockey players are better to the fans: You're in public, you'll shake your favorite hockey player's hand or get his autograph before you even have a baseball player whose name you just recognize even acknowledge you. It's probably the difference in publicity and money that differentiates hockey and baseball players, personality wise. Sure there's a hockey player or 2 who aren't people friendly, or a baseball player that'll pose for a photo or give an autograph, but I'm talking about the general difference between hockey and baseball players.

3. Hockey players know how to fight: Baseball brawls are knee slappers to watch, but like those highlight plays, they're technically all the same. 2 players confront each other, talk smack, one throws a punch or 2, and wrestle each other, causing everyone surrounding them to mob one another. First off, look at how baseball players punch. It's not even a punch, it's more like a...closed fist swing, like they're trying to slap you, but they don't realize their hand is in a fist. I need not say more. When hockey players drop the gloves and baseball players do whatever it is they do, you know which one you'd rather see.

4. All hockey teams have opportunities on the ice and in the market: As of 4 years ago, the NHL instated a salary cap, which limits how much teams can spend per summer and how much they can offer a player, which is both lauded and scorned. Like it or hate it, I think it makes hockey a more competitive and unpredictable sport, since teams with a smaller market value have a chance to compete with teams of a bigger market value for more valuable players. This is rarely the case in baseball. When their small market teams obtain a star quality player, it's usually via trade or draft, a player that makes their name on that team, only to get traded or sign elsewhere when eligible because the team they're on can't afford the salary they demand or are deserving of. As a result, it seems that the same group of baseball teams make the playoffs, clinch the wild card, and compete in the world series, save the occasional "outsider" appearance. Looking at hockey, the last 2 Stanley Cup finals have been the latest case of recidivism in years, plus you can say the 16 playoff teams of the past 4 seasons have had several different competitors compared to the previous year.

5. Hockey is more unpredictable: This is more a combination of 1 and 4, but what I'm trying to say is in baseball, you know what's happening. The excitement can start soon as the pitcher releases the ball, which the batter either hits, fouls, strikes, or gets hit by. The bases are either empty, partially, or fully loaded, and even then a team sometimes fails to score a single run. Have we all been in the situation when we've watched a hockey game, the score's something like 2-1, we get up to get a drink, and return to see the score's changed to 3-2 or 3-3? That's spontaneity!

6. The NHL regular season is worth playing and watching: 82 games followed by 4 grueling best of 7 rounds, all to capture the hardest trophy to win in all sports. Baseball...not so much. Sure their season goes on for 160 something games in a span of 5, 6, months, causing the need to play games consecutively and those dreaded double headers. You have 30 teams playing over 160 games each only for 8 teams to compete in the playoffs. If you know you're team doesn't have a shred of hope to even finish .500, it ultimately makes the upcoming season a little purposeless, doesn't it? Since the NHL has an 82 game season, which is more spread out and makes the average fan excited for each upcoming game, not to mention the fact 16 NHL teams enter the post season, it instills the possibility of making the playoffs more realistic for the majority of the NHL's teams.

7. Contact!: Hockey's perhaps the greatest contact sport to watch in my bias opinion. I mean, can you really call a sport legit without physical contact in it? The most you'll see in baseball is a batter get hit by a pitch or intentionally colliding with the catcher as he attempts to score a run. I'll admit when I watch hockey, it's primarily to see players score goals and knock each other out. How exhilarating is it when someone gets clocked and the crowd erupts, sending a sensation of momentum through the building that I personally don't think any baseball stadium has ever experienced, save last year's outdoor classic. I bet if baseball allowed physical contact, it'd be more exciting to watch...just imagine.

8. Hockey players keep clean: Congress said the NHL was the cleanest sport in North America as far as usage of steroids or performance enhancement drugs were concerned. The last incident like that I recall is when Sean Hill got caught. The NHL does have the strictest drug policy in all sports. First offense 20 games, second 60 games, third, you're out of the league. How many baseball fans were speechless when they saw names on the Mitchell Report they thought they'd never see? The fact so many baseball stars were connected to steroids in recent years is appalling, discouraging, and taints the legitimacy and quality of any success such players and their teams amounted to. Hockey players aren't perfect, but at least we know how they play is truly them out there and hopefully nothing more. 

9. Hockey's got limits: With 9 timeless innings, a baseball game can drag on and on, which is more tedious to watch especially if it's one of those drab contests. At least you're guaranteed an end to regulation in hockey. If it goes into overtime, the anticipation and knowledge that 1 goal determines the outcome is simply exhilarating. Hockey's got 3 periods lasting for 20 minutes, which not only provide a limitation for regulation, but make the game more meaningful since time becomes a huge factor. There's no focusing or taking one's time to recapture a lead or tie a game, not to mention the tide of a game can shift immensely in one period.

10. Hockey players are tougher: They play with broken fingers, feet, chipped teeth, black eyes, the list goes on. Even when they're out, they look to make a speedy recovery and get back in the game. Why is it that baseball players are out 2, 3 months with a stubbed toe or broken finger, whereas hockey players aren't even out for 2, 3 weeks? My guess is getting paid millions of dollars to sit at home is intriguing, I'd be tempted by such an opportunity. Baseball players are on the ground after getting hit with balls or those incidental collisions, which I know is painful and would knock the wind out of anyone, but it seems to me they're a level or two under the length soccer players take "injuries". Hockey players get rocked at games and finish them knowing they got fractures or concussions or whatever injuries they may endure. I don't know it just speaks for itself.


Nba review blog.

Alright so today I decided that instead of making a personal progress blog I'd go with just a nice short and simple blog on a re-cap of yesterdays game Dallas versus Oklahoma, as well as the game from 2 nights ago Chicago versus Miami...

Alright, so we'll start with the Chicago and Heat game. (Chicago bias)
I thought Chicago came out with a pretty decent start but started to blow it and Miami just pushed and pushed. Later on in the game though the bulls started to play a little better, but damn. They need to get their offense in check, and they were the #1 defensive team in the NBA, what happened to that? I mean, they're not playing bad defense but goddamn... It was absolutely ridiculous the show they let CB put on, I mean he was shooting a great percentage but you have to contest more. I thought boozer had an EXCELLENT game, and Derrick Rose played decent, but he definitely has more offensive capabilities then that. Overall it was a mediocre game.

Next is the Dallas and Oklahoma game. Personally I am a fan of Oklahoma, but I also enjoy watching Dallas play.
Alright, so, I thought Oklahoma did a great job starting this game and playing right until around the 4th quarter. I thought they were going to win for most of the game to be honest. Kevin Durant had an amazing game, 29 points and 15 rebounds, Westbrook played good too with 19 points and 8 assists, Ibaka also had a great game, 18 points and 10 rebounds. I think OKC definitely deserved to win this game, but what can you do when Dirk Nowitzki is out there playing the basketball of his life with 40 points and Jason Terry with 20 and Kidd with 17. I think OKC's biggest problem right now would be their defense. But overall it wasn't a bad game. Hopefully OKC can pull through with the next victory.

That's pretty much all I have to say, appreciate the input. And thanks for coming to my blog guys, I can't thank you enough and I really enjoy posting.


Riley's basketball introduction:

Alright, so my name is Riley and most of the time I'll be blogging about basketball or maybe just daily events, who knows. Anyways, here is my introduction:
I'm 6 feet tall, weighing about 150 pounds so I'm pretty skinny, but I love the sport of basketball. I've been playing ever since grade 6, and in grade 8 and 9 you could consider me one of the best players in the province (live in Canada so provinces). But anyways, for some reason, my confidence just dropped, like I was still up there, but I wasn't finding it in me to score anymore. Basically I'm just trying to get back into things and make it far, and I'll be using this blog as a way to track my progress. Sorry mine isn't as long as Justin's, but yeah :P .

Thanks for reading,

Justin's introduction hockey blog

Hi my is Justin Penner, I just turned 15 years old last month. I'm 5'10 and 170 pounds. Im pretty thick, and I love hockey. I have increased my skill by a tremendous amount in the past couple years. Im in grade 9 now, and in grade 7, I was an a3 house league level player goalie. The leagues go a3, a2, a1, aa, and aaa. aaa being the highest caliber. I was pretty bad, and always got made fun of. In grade 8 I was tired of it, so I had bought player equipment and put it on. I was some-what of an unnatural. I was still pretty bad, but I loved it with a passion! I worked out at my house, and spent my own money on things to better myself. I was getting better rapidly, so I would be prepared to make something over a3. I went to a1 try outs, and gave it my all, and had made a1! The feeling was amazing, but still looked down upon by my peers, because a1 was still considered bad. I loved hockey, and was a decent a1 player. I was defense and had got 10 points that season! After the school year ended, and the hockey season, I wanted to better myself. I not being that rich had to raise money, while all my other peers were spending thousands on fitness training, and hockey camps. I bought a set of weights, protein, and researched all the muscles to work on. After that summer I was a machine. I had went to aa try outs being confident, in the 2 exhibition games, I had gotten 10 points! I had trick each game, and 2 assist. I was pumped, and had made the team! That year, I went into grade 9 as an aa player. I was so excited to tell everyone. All my aa peers were very impressed, but still looked down upon by the aaa peers. That season I finished with about 30 points,and  I missed over 5 games. Also, my coaches didn't like me. It was a rough year. Now, I had finally convinced my parents to pay the thousands of dollars on fitness training and camps. I am working very, very hard, looking to make aaa next year. My goal by tryouts which is in September is to be 5'11 200 pounds. I think my main motivation would be all the teasing, even my parents made fun of me for being in a3... But yea, this is basically my introduction. :)


Introduction to Riley & Justin's sports blog!

Alright, so basically me and a friend named Justin have a real passion with two sports, Riley's is for basketball, and Justin's is for hockey. Basically, we're both planning to blog on here, and track our progress considering we both plan to make it big one day. Basically this blog will be updated periodically (2-4 times per week) with us talking about those two sports, whether it be professionally, personally, or simply to get other people's inputs. We will use this blog for the next couple years to track our progress, and hopefully we make it big. :). We would like to thank all of you in advance for coming to our blog.

Much love,
-Justin and Riley.