Appreciate your comments and opinion!

Hey guys, within probably the next 2 hours or so I'll be updating this post with a video of myself (Riley)'s shooting form, as well as some progress on Justin's basketball level. :)!

Horray for iPhone 4s, awesome video camera! :)
Anywho, I would like to hear your guys opinion on the videos when we upload them!
Thank you loyal followers <3

-Riley and Justin

Hey! So it took a little longer than 2 hours, but here are a couple videos we think you may enjoy! On second thought I wouldn't rate these as we were just joking and it's pitch black! But tomorrow forsure we'll get up some nice videos! We took these at 12:30 am so yea! LOL.
Thanks everyone :)!


Boy do we feel bad..

Hey everyone, I don't even know how to say this... hah.
I honestly feel terrible, all of you are loyal and we just quit blogging on you. Even though we have a very legitimate reason as to why we stopped we still feel bad! School started, which means sports started and ugh! We didn't even get to tell you guys we were going to stop blogging! We're honestly very sorry about that and I promise, PROMISE from now on you'll be following a very regularly updated blog with useful posts! Justin and I will try and post everyday and occasionally a one day break or so.
Why are we coming back you're probably wondering.
Well, basketball and hockey season actually just finished so we have a lot of free time to ourselves, what better is there to do then assist our loyal followers and help them progress in their designated sports! Just to let you guys know, Justin actually just started basketball so it's going to be awesome taking videos of him and keeping you guys updated on his progress! I look forward to hearing from all of you, and we'll BOTH definitely be making blog posts tomorrow!
Again, sorry for leaving for so long guys I promise to make it worthwhile! :)

   Riley and Justin!