Basketball shooting technique

Hello guys, sorry for not posting a blog in a while, I've been extremely busy with exams and what not. Anyways, today I'm going to share with you techniques to getting a perfect shot. This will be all about developing that stroke that scouts and coaches look for.
There's 4 things that I'd like to talk about when it comes to shooting.

1.) Efficiency and Consistency
2.) Line of Precision
3.) Top follows bottom
4.) Mechanics

Effiency and Consistency:

Re-create exact matches. I'm a firm believer in what can be done once can be done again and again. Basically if you can hit a shot from one spot, if you create the exact same form you should be able to hit that shot very very often. Being consistent will help your shot A LOT and you'll be able to sink those late game jumpers you need to win.

Making sure you don't alter your form when you're under fatigue. You have to be ready when it counts in the fourth quarter. If your form is different each time you shoot, imagine late when the fatigue gets on you. You don't use your legs and your form gets back which throws off your shot.

Line of Precision:

The most efficient direct flow of power from ground into the ball.
Every single shot has to use the mechanics that create a line of precision. When it's broken you lose power, range and speed. Overall it becomes weaker.

Straight line from your feet (same side foot as your shooting arm)

1.) Hips follow feet
2.) Shoulder follows hips
3.) Arm follows shoulders
4.) Hand follows elbow
5.) Ball follows hands

If one thing is off it upsets the entire chain. You need to get each joint in the chain perfect. It ALL starts with the feet.

1.) Feet - BIGGEST MISTAKE: Not squaring your feet

1a)Made your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly inside
1b) Balls of feet, balanced.
1c) 1 foot slightly in front
1d) All ten toes to the hoop.

2.) Knees

Overtop of your feet
Develop a straight line of power

3.) Hips

They follow your feet
Square them to the hoop
Shoulders follow hips

4.) Shoulders

Follow hips
Squared to hoop
Ball momentum is brought to where the shoulers turn
Squared Shoulders is equal to a straight ball path!

5.) Elbow

Roughly 90 degree shooting pocket
Make sure it's a straight line of precision it won't be perfect though.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, make sure the ball isn't too tight to your hand and be comfortable with it. Confidence is key.

I know I emphasized squaring a lot, but it is probably THE most important thing when it comes to shooting.

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phosports said... | June 18, 2011 at 7:10 PM

thanks for the advice, wish i had this when i first started playing basketball

Charles Godfrey said... | August 4, 2011 at 2:09 AM

I'm not an amazing basketball player, but I'm not lousy either. I would be a _lot_ better if every time I reach the basket I could score, though. I can get rebounds, block, etc... scoring is one of my weaknesses. I'd say I score 4 of every 10 times I reach the basket :S
So, thanks a lot for this post, I'll keep this in mind when playing!