What's been going on lately, Riley.

Hey guys, so I haven't really gotten to post much things other than the NBA Legends which I think is and will become a great hit because I've been hella busy again! I know basketball season ended so I should have a lot more free time.. Apparently not! We started another team at my school, and so I'm involved with that as well as handball. I'm actually really sorry cause I know the same topic can get boring some times, so today I decided to spice it up a little bit. I'm going to try and do a new kind of thing every now and then which involves posting on how to dominate from a certain area of the court. Examples include breaking your man off the dribble from the top so you can hit a pullup jumper, or take it all the way and score. It's all personal preference really, other things that I'll be talking about include dominating from the high post, low post, or just being able to consistently hit those open or contested shots. The shots have pretty much all been covered here:
Part 1
Part 2

Anywho guys, today we'll be talking about high post offense, a concept which I believe can completely DOMINATE the game of basketball. Lets start off by saying that a good post player doesn't necessarily have to be tall or lanky to be good. A post player has to be ready to take physical contact though and has to know how to finish. They have to be in the right mindset to know that they have to attack the boards after each and every shot. Without doubt, I believe THE most important thing for a post is footwork, especially at the high post. At the high post you have to be able to establish a pivot foot and be able to go for a nice little jump hook, or into a soft pull up jumper.

The high post offense which has many variations is so effective because it completely creates an iso for the post, and if the team wants to double, great! You have a kick for a wide open 3. It's truly an unguardable offense if run correctly.

Anywho, back on topic dominating from the high post!
I'm not going to go too indepth about how to dominate from the high post, as there's literally thousands and thousands of different methods, but I will tell you one thing. Footwork is key!!! If you can use both your feet as your pivot foot, if you can throw off your defender and get into the lane you will be unstopabble! Some things I would recommend to get better:

- Work on footwork, work on pivoting with your left leg, right leg, your drop step, sweep and step through moves.
- Work on a nice consistent baby jump hook with your left and right hands spinning either way.
- Work on a jumper anywhere from 3-10 feet away from the basket.
I promise you that if you practice these THREE things you will be an extremely dominant high post player!

Thanks guys, more posts coming your way! Hope you all enjoy <3


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