Becoming a Successful Shooter (Part 2)

Hey guys, It's Riley and I'm just going to post some tips on shooting today, and how I think you all can become effective shooters! This is part 2, so if you haven't read part one, please check out this link!

Alright! So here we are, shooting bootcamp 101 ;) ! Haha just kidding, but seriously folllow these steps and I can guarantee you'll be successful.

Lets start with some traits that all great shooters have in common!

Consistent shot mechanics:

No matter how your form is, whether you have a picture perfect shot, or you shoot like Shawn Marion, it's important that you're always shooting the same way, EVERYTIME. No matter where you are on the court, your shot has to be consistent. This means picking a consistent target as well. I've heard coaches say "Make sure to always look at the back of the rim when shooting", and other coaches saying "Make sure you're looking directly in the middle of the hoop when shooting". My personal take on this is first of all, pick a comfortable target. If you pick the back of the rim, fine. Just keep in mind that when you're shooting from the baseline, although you're aiming for the back of the rim you are actually aiming for the opposite side of the rim. I personally look at the center because I feel that is always a consistent target you look at and I've based my philosophy off of Dave Hopla one of the best shooters in the world. The most important part though is being CONSISTENT. The further away from the hoop you get, your form shouldn't change it should just speed up.


I'm someone who believes that in order to be a successful shooter you have to have a good 'feel' for the ball. If you ask a great shooter why they're so good, I guarantee most of them wouldn't be able to answer the question specifically, but in actuality the reason they're so good is because their feel for the ball. Feel is something that develops from repetition. It's the type of feeling where as soon as that ball leaves your hands you already know It's going in. The most important thing about feel is as soon as you miss, you know exactly why you missed and you're able to correct it instantaneously.


Have you ever heard all those words in your head as you were shooting, telling yourself you need absolutely perfect form, or telling yourself to keep your elbow in, or to follow through correctly. Haven't you noticed that when you concentrate on all that stuff, your shot almost never goes in. Comfort is all about being comfortable with YOUR shot, and knowing how you shoot everytime and making sure It's always the same. When you overthink that way, it leads to your shot feeling uncomfortable and forced. Make sure your shot is comfortable and work on one thinga at a time instead of telling yourself all this crazy stuff.

Confidence ********

You're probably wondering why I starred confidence, and well the reason I did is because once you become a great shooter, confidence is literally the most important thing. Having confidence is believing that everytime you release that ball, It's going straight through that net. When you're confident it allows your mind to take a break which keeps you focused. Once you develop that consistent shot, BELIEVE IN IT. Do not hesitate when you are open, you know you're a shooter, so shoot the damn ball!!

That about wraps it up for today, I hope you guys enjoyed my post and hope you all are having a pleasant weekend I'll see you with a post on Thursday!! Have a good night everybody!


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