Just a quick update:

Hey guys, basketball season is finally ending although my other team is starting up I'll have a lot more free time now so I just wanted to tell you guys I'll be updating a little more frequently from now on  :)!

ALSO!! NBA Playoffs are so damn close!! The Sixers just clinched a playoff spot!
I'm a huge OKC fan so I'm going OKC all day, as much as I love the lakers, KD is just too sick!
Anyways guys leave a comment on who you think is going to win or send an email to cao.cow9@hotmail.com whichever you prefer! Hope everyone's having a fantastic week thus far I know I have been! :)

Also, got a nice new post coming to you in the next couple days stay tuned ;) <3

Thanks so much for being loyal guys, much love


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