Preventing Sports Injury!

Hey guys, I know I promised this a while back and I'm sorry! I got super busy this week and haven't had a chance to do this blog post! It's Friday night so I have enough time now! Without further ado! I present to you "Preventing Sports Injury"

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The seven most common types of sports injuries include the following:

1) Ankle Sprain

2) Groin Pull

3) Hamstring Sprain

4) Shin Splints

5) Knee Injury: ACL tear

6) Knee Injury: Patellofemoral syndrome

7)  Epicondylitis

Now no one wants to go to the hospital and visit the doctors for some injury that could've been easily prevented, correct?
I know personally I've had many injuries where I was forced to go to the hospital even though I could've simply stretched, or worn protective equipment to prevent the injury from ever happening.

Some ways to prevent sports injuries are:

1) Be in the proper physical shape to play a sport!
This includes being physically active outside of a sport. For example, if you play basketball you shouldn't expect it to be your only option to get into shape! Lots of injuries can be prevented by being active enough where your muscles are used to being pushed.

2) Warm up!
It's never a good idea to just bolt into heavy physical exercise, you should always get warmed up first! Even stretching should wait until you're slightly warm so go for a litlle jog, stretch and then do your physical activity.

3) Wear the appropriate gear and protective equipment for the sport!
Protective pads, mouth guards, helmets, gloves and other equipment is super important when it comes to sports especially very physical sports! Protective equipment can save you so much, you should always make sure to be wearing it.

4) Resting!
MAKE SURE TO REST! If your body is feeling extra sore one day, take a day off! It's much better to get rested and then play a sport rather than thinking you can do anything and ending up getting hurt.

Remember guys, if you experience any sort of injury make sure to check out the doctor's instead of just thinking nothing's wrong. If you have pain, get it checked out!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you guys all have an awesome weekend!


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