What has been happening lately - Justin

Hey everyone! Long time no talk at all, I am very sorry, but with this little blog I quickly made I'm telling you whatsup for the next little while.

I didn't reach my goal of making AAA, I got cut and played high school. I didn't score, or do anything fancy averaging about 0.6 points a game. This year was a developing year. The season ended, and now I'm onto the off season (my favourite part)

I am attending NRG for a 7 month basis opposed to 2 months like last year. On top of this I am playing more than just hockey to become more of an overall athlete! I picked up basketball, I haven't played since grade 8 when I was a star. I started playing again, and I am not to bad.

With basketball I will be training on a consistent basis with Riley, on top of all the hockey training. I feel working on my vert, foot speed, explosiveness, and cardio with make me a overall better athlete and hockey player and I get all of that out of a fun sport I love (basketball)!

Another reason why I got cut from AAA last year was because I was focused to much on just lifting weights and getting stronger, this year I will be focusing on cardio and speed, while maintaining my muscle, and going on ice more. On top of that I am the older age for midget AAA this year so my chances of making it increase a tremendous amount!

Sorry for this short blog, I have to get up early tomorrow!

Follow us, and me and Riley's journey to becoming successful athletes and to maybe play pro one day.
-Justin Penner

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